Blockchain proof of stake

for now vegan-vgn is based on the waves blockchain, we are working on the development of our own proof of stake blockchain protocol. that means vegan vgn will be one of the most ecological currency and will consume less electricity than the proof of work protocol. No need to leave big computers 24/24 which consume a lot of electricity, only stake your vegan-vgn and receive % of the transactions to run on the network.

Decentralized exchange

Vegan-vgn is available on the waves decentralized exchange. Trade it with eth, btc, ltc, zec, euro, dollars and many other pairs soonely available.

No country control Vegan-vgn

only 21 millions token was created, no one more ! 15% will be for developer team, 25% for vegan charity airdrop, 20% for for staking and all 40% vegan-vgn is available on waves decentralized exchange . No country control Vegan-vgn, only the community .

how to buy ?

how to buy ?

using vegan-vgn is the guarrantee of supporting vegan charrity and buying vegan product from our vegan partner. Vegan-vgn is available on the waves decentralized exchange
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