Blockchain proof of stake

For now, Vegan-vgn is based on the blockchain platform Waves. We are currently in the process of developing our own ‘proof of stake’ blockchain protocol. This will mean that Vegan-vgn will be one of the most ecological currencies, consuming much less electricity than the proof of work protocol. There will be no need to leave big computers on 24/7, guzzling energy and contributing to greenhouse gases like many other cryptocurrencies. You simply stake your Vegan tokens and receive a percentage of the transactions running on the network.

Decentralized exchange

Vegan-vgn is available on a decentralized exchange, meaning funds are stored with individuals and not in an exchange. You can trade it with ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, Euro’s, Dollars and many other currencies that will be available soon.

No Single Country Control

21 million Vegan tokens have been created, no more and no less. 15% of these are for our developers, 25% for the vegan charity airdrop, 20% for staking on the new proof of stake Blockchain and the remaining 40% is available on the Waves de-centralized exchange. There is no single country controlling the tokens, only the community.

Wondering how to buy?

Wondering how to buy?

Investing in vegan-vgn means supporting vegan charities and buying vegan products from our vegan partners. Vegan-vgn is available on the waves decentralized exchange
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